Dining for Women

This program is currently on hiatus.  Check back for updates.


As a continuation of our club’s original mission to address the “altruistic problems of the day,” in early 2013 the Benevolence and Scholarship Committee began a club’s chapter of Dining for Women, a global “giving circle” dedicated to helping women and girls in the developing world achieve their potential, gain equality in their countries and cultures, and overcome economic limitations and social bias. Both members and non-members of the club are welcome to participate. Interested women gather every other month.  We each bring a potluck dish and share a meal together, while learning about that month’s designated project. We then donate what we would have spent on a restaurant, and our donations, along with those from hundreds of other Dining for Women chapters throughout the United States and the world, are pooled and sent to the designated project. There is no set donation amount; each woman contributes whatever is comfortable for her. For more information on the international Dining for Women network, see its website. Upcoming gatherings   The club’s Dining for Women chapter is a program of our Benevolence and Scholarship Committee. Club members interested in joining the committee, or with questions, are encouraged to contact the chair. Tea Room