For the first part of 2022 our programs will continue on zoom.  Please be sure to register to get the zoom link.  Members and guests are welcome!

February 18 – Friday program meeting – noon to 1:30 p.m.

Featured speaker: Sheri Horiszny, COO of Woodland Park Zoo. 

“Finding joy and purpose when your world is a zoo.”Sheri will share why she made a mid-life career switch  to become a zoo professional and what gives her meaning and purpose.  She’ll also give us a fascinating peek behind the scenes at what it takes to keep a modern zoo working and tell us about her giraffe conservation efforts. She hopes this talk will give everyone a little bit of hope while living through these crazy times. 

About the speaker: Sheri is responsible for the zoo’s Animal Care, Health & Welfare, Capital Projects and Facilities, Security, Sustainability and Purchasing.  Sheri has launched two giraffe conservation initiatives and founded one of the first non-profit organizations in the United States focused on giraffe conservation. Sheri is committed to advancing the impact of conservation strategies through her leadership, and currently serves as the Species Survival Plan (SSP) coordinator for giraffes and as a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group. More about Sheri is at:

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March 18 – Friday program meeting – noon to 1:30 p.m.

Featured speaker: Michael Hogan, PhD, Emeritus Humanities Chair, The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, Mexico.   Michael will relate the largely untold story of the women involved in Ireland’s struggle for independence, which he detailed in his book, Women of the Irish Rising: A People’s History, published in 2021.  His research  has uncovered the stories of women who courageously and selflessly served the cause of Irish nationalism during the Irish rebellion of 1916 and after. Michael will also put the contribution of women in the larger political context of the fight for women’s and worker’s rights, as well as in the economic context of the conflict between capitalist and socialist values. He would love for some of the audience members to have read his book prior to the talk to prompt a lively discussion.  The book can be found here:

About the speaker: Michael Hogan, PhD, is the author of 26 books, including the best-selling Irish Soldiers of Mexico. He is Emeritus Humanities Chair at the American School Foundation of Guadalajara, and a former professor of International Relations at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara.  He is a member of the Organization of American Historians, the International Association of Military History, and the Society of Geography and Statistics in Mexico. Michael is a second-generation Irish American with roots in both County Kerry and County Clare and has worked extensively in Ireland with the Mexican Embassy promoting Irish Mexican solidarity and shared traditions.  More about Michael is at:

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April 15 – Friday program meeting

May 20 – Annual “May Breakfast” meeting

June 17 – Friday program meeting

July and August – No regular meetings but we plan to have fun activities during the summer months

September 16 – Friday program meeting

October 21 – Annual “Fall Reception” meeting

November 18 – Friday program meeting

December – No regular meeting but watch for social events and annual charity fund drive info


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Past program highlights:
During 2021 the club hosted a number of online program meetings on our usual meeting day: the third Friday of each month.  Among the programs we presented this year:
  • “Seattle: The City Beautiful Movement,” with local historian and author Lawrence Kreisman.

  • “Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women: Washington State’s Efforts to End this Tragic Epidemic,” a panel discussion featuring Earth-Feather Sovereign, tribal activist and founder of MMIWW; Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, a state legislator from central Washington and a sponsor of legislation on this issue; and Dawn Pullin, one of two tribal liaison officers with the Washington State Patrol.

  • “From Concords to Cabernet: Washington’s Route to World-Class Wines,” featuring wine podcaster and Central Washington University faculty member Marji Morgan.

  • ” Washington Remembers: From Marcus Whitman to Billy Frank, Jr. – Stories of Washington Statues and Memorials,” a presentation by local historian and author Judy Bentley.

  • “Diving into the Seattle Public Schools Archives,” with Meaghan Kahlo, MA, District Archivist and Lead Content Analyst, Seattle Public Schools.

  • Guided Ecotour led by a Duwamish Tribe Docent, a walking tour of X̌əʔapus Village Park and Shoreline Habitat.

  • WCC 130th Anniversary Celebration  With a Walking Tour of Volunteer Park and Visit to Lakeview Cemetery and Festive Picnic.

  • Private Tour of the Kubota Garden with docents from the Kubota Garden Foundation.

  •  “Orcas and Chinook Salmon: Twin monarchs of the Pacific Northwest and their struggle to survive,” with Seattle Times Reporter Lynda Mapes.

  • Fall Reception 2021 Scholarship Winner Presentation, New Member White Rose Ceremony and Club History Presentation by Cheri Sayer..

  • “Will the 2020’s Roar like the 1920’s?” with Dr. William Woodward award-winning professor of American and Pacific Northwest history at Seattle Pacific University.

  • Members Special Event We viewed the exhibit of photographer Imogen Cunningham’s work at the Seattle Art Museum and met up for refreshments afterwards.

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