Past Scholarship Recipients


2016-17 scholarship recipient:  

Scholarship Chair Twila Meeks  2017 - 2018 Scholarship Winner Lana Shamdeen

Scholarship Chair Twila Meeks
2017 – 2018 Scholarship Winner Lana Shamdeen











Lana Shamdeen

During her sophomore year at the University of Washington, Lana had the opportunity to volunteer at the University of Washington Medical Center.  The experience enabled her to recognize and solidify her desire to work as an adult psychiatrist. Her long-term goals include providing underinsured women with access to affordable and professional mental health care and working with local law makers to write better healthcare legislation. With input from those employed directly in the field, Lana hopes the laws will become more relevant and comprehensive. She is passionate about helping “those who need it most, keeping the cycle of female empowerment going” and aims to “fill the cracks within our healthcare system that many women fall through”.




2016-17 scholarship recipient:

Hana Feseha

Hana Feseha

Hana Feseha is studying Health Information and Health Information Management at the University of Washington, with the ongoing goal of providing quality health care for all. She has shown her commitment to others by feeding the homeless and by joining BSU and these activities helped her to develop both her morals and her plans for the future. In addition to continuing her education, Hana also intends to become involved at her local elementary school, tutoring in math and science.


2015-16 scholarship recipient:

Elisa Tran speaking to WCC about her studies and goals.

Elisa Tran speaking to WCC about her studies and goals.










Elisa Tran has always found fulfillment in assisting children and younger students and, correspondingly, she  pursued a career in pediatrics at the University of Washington. Elisa participated in the UW Dream Project, serving as a mentor, leading weekly lectures, and providing support to others, particularly underserved youth, in understanding health issues. She will use her education to  serve as a role model, supporting others in pursuing their educations in STEM fields, and helping young women to reach their full potential.


2014-15 scholarship recipient:

Scholarship winner Jeri Rosenthal and Scholarship Chair Twila Meeks.

Scholarship winner Jeri Rosenthal and Scholarship Chair Twila Meeks.











Jeri Rosenthal attended Seattle University to gain her Bachelor of Arts in History. After completing the program and volunteering with AmeriCorps, she plans on pursuing her master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Washington. Jeri has always had a passion for education and writes “my local library provided me with a safe space and multitudes of books which allowed me to travel outside my circumstances. Reading was always an integral part of my life and had a major influence on my decision to pursue my education. It is my wish to share that gift with others and inspire them to achieve their own dreams”.



2013-14 scholarship recipient:


Christine Kimiko Ito majored in early childhood and family studies at the University of Washington with plans to continue on to earn a master’s degree in education and to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher. Christine demonstrated the values and high standards of the Woman’s Century Club in her excellence in the classroom and beyond. She has served as an educator’s intern at MOHAI and been a literacy volunteer in tribal communities in Washington State through alternative spring break programs. Christine was well recommended for the club’s scholarship. Her letter of reference from a program adviser at the UW stated that Christine “not only wants to be an educator, she aspires to be a truly remarkable presence in the lives of the young people with whom she works. Christine accomplishes it all with high scholastic ability as well; I am consistently impressed by her pursuit of knowledge and dedication to academic achievement by her quarterly presence on the Dean’s List. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone with the drive, patience and creativity that Christine brings to this journey.” Christine stated that her ambition in life is to teach, motivate, and “nurture our upcoming generation with warmth, compassion, cultural appreciation, life-long learning, and multiplication tables–of course.” In addition to her busy schedule of academic and social-action activities and holding three jobs, Christine was crowned “Japanese Queen of Washington” in May 2013 and represented the Seattle Japanese community in the Seafair Scholarship Program over the past summer.


2012-13 scholarship recipient:

Emma McAleavy

Emma Louise McAleavy studied history at Seattle University. Her interest is in a career in social work and mental health counseling and has interned as a domestic violence victims’ advocate with the Seattle Prosecuting Attorney’s office, where she helped victims petition for protection orders, listened to their stories, and helped them understand their legal options. “A passion for empowering women goes hand in hand with my passion for mental health,” Emma wrote in her application.


2011-12 scholarship recipient:

Maria Reyes studied business at the University of Washington, majoring in marketing with an international specialty in Japanese. Maria’s career goal is to be “a marketing medium between Japanese and American businesses.” Japan’s workforce is male-dominated, so businesswomen are stereotypically seen as pink-collar workers. To overcome this stereotype, she wants to build up her credibility in order to work with Japanese business clients. Her training in the UW’s Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB) program will help her gain a deeper understanding of international marketing, network with the Japanese business community, improve her Japanese language proficiency, and develop cross-cultural business skills by  studying abroad.



2010-11 scholarship recipient:

Alexandra (Ali) Kyrimis studied nursing at Seattle University and wants to play a part in providing health care that is affordable to all. “I am only an individual, but it takes the passion of one person to make a change in any situation,” she wrote in her application. Ali has volunteered at Childhaven, which works with abused and neglected preschoolers; Treehouse Wearhouse, which provides foster youth with school supplies and clothing; and the King County Juvenile Detention Center. In the summer of 2010 she traveled to Vietnam with the Global Impact Organization, providing medical care to remote villages. “For many of these people, it will be the only time in their life that they will be seen by a medical provider, and I want to help them”.